Today was the last d

Today was the last day of teaching summer school at institute. During the frantic completion and an… #education #tfa


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My first semester at

My first semester at college I took a sociology class.  The professor looked across the lecture hall,… #education #tfa

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My entry from Wednes

My entry from Wednesday: (In the morning) So…I’m going to take a risk and try something new in my c… #education #tfa

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It was just brought

It was just brought to my attention that my blog was the most visited on for the past two… #education #tfa

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They play “Closing T

They play “Closing Time” at 11:00 pm every night, when the TFA resource room (a magical place, as afo… #education #tfa

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today, this is all t

today, this is all the data i could ever need July 15th To: Ms. Garrnet From: S Ms. thank you for… #education #tfa

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Induction in Newark.

Induction in Newark. My mother’s passing. Moving from MD. Starting institute in NY. looked through… #education #tfa

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